My daily driver, the wife's daily driver and the project vehicle. 


2005 Dodge Viper "Copperhead" Edition

I have wanted a Dodge Viper since the concept came out in 1989. I finally got it.This one is a 2005, which is a 3rd generation car. It has 505 horsepower stock and this particular model is a Copperhead edition with only 19,882 miles showing on the clock. They made 300 Copperheads in 2005 and this is number 79. Car & Driver published the following stats: 8.3 liter V10, 500 hp, 525 lb-ft of torque, 0-6 in 3.9 seconds, 100 mph comes in only 8.5 seconds and the quarter mile in only 11.8 seconds at 123.6 mph. Though your (and my) results may vary. 

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

This one is done in Platinum Grey Metallic with a black interior. It has a 8-speed Auto with Tiptronic. Our favorite features are the dual zone automatic climate control and the configurable dash! Its still a souless appliance, but again, my wife loves it and that is what matters!


1998 Dodge Ram 1500 

With the lease of the WRX coming to an end on February 28th 2020, I needed a daily. Since I am using my "car payment" money on the Viper, I bought this beast for $3200 cash. It's a little rough, but it has a rebuilt transmission, a 5.2 liter V8 and only 92k miles on the clock!

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